cd-mateus-kairosMATEUS STARLING – Kairos

Written by Branimir Lokner
Wednesday, 22 April 2009

( Self – released ) 2009.
Fusion/jazz – BRAZIL

A Brazilian artist Mateus Starling could be a new important name on modern jazz scene. He is guitarist,still young, but with intensive carrear behind. He started as a guitarist, influental by the rock music, and his first professional steps, he did with many local artists and bands.
Later on, he played with band Karambah, and received a respectable national status as a musician. He was also active on national gospel scene, but a new begining started for him, getting scholarship to study at famous Barklee Collage in 2005. During the second part of the
2008, with his collaborators, he recorded a material for actuelle album. And in January 2009, “Kairos” looked the light of day.
Mateus is a convinceble performer and his technique touches many so call jazz fields. He has a special “ear” for timing and atmosphere, and “Kairos” as a album mostly communicate with one modern fusion/jazz-rock option. There are 8 instrumental themes on album, full of constant up-tempo challengies, and often dialogues between guitar and saxophone. Even that some of reviewers could find some comparabilities in Mateus approach with composing and performing methods of Scofield, Zorn or McLaughlin, brazilian guitarist has showed enough newer tendencies in his way of thinking and playing. Finally, “Kairos” is a very modern fusion/jazz album, worth listeners attention.

Rating : 9/10.

This week’s Brazilian edition of OurStage Model U.N.! The music of Brazil is known to be representative of its people, a diverse range of influences from all over the world. For the country that gave us such great gifts like Carmen Miranda, the Samba and the Bossa Nova, it’s a bit of a downer that more recent developments in Brazilian music aren’t well known in the states. Fortunately, American music bloggers gushing over 60’s psychedelic garage rockers Os Mutantes and new ravers CSS, have helped spark an interest in Brazilian music of old and new. To quench your curiosity,  take a break from making your Carnival costume and give these Brazilian artists on OurStage a shot:

Autoramas are quite popular in Brazil’s alternative rock scene. After all— not just any band gets to open for the likes of Mudhoney, the Pixies and Guitar Wolf. With new wave influences such as Devo and The B-52’s, the band has the potential to win over many new fans in the states.

Brazilian born guitarist Mateus Starling is bursting at the seams with talent. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mateus paid the bills by writing TV jingles and working as a session musician. Earlier this year, Starling released Kairos, his debut solo album with a live jazz instrumental focus. Listen to the track “Guerreiro” and you’ll understand why critics in Brazil are calling him the “future of the Brazilian guitar.”